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Holyman Undercover

Holyman Undercover is a 2010 Christian comedy film, directed by David A.R. White. The film was featured at the Greater Boston Christian Film Festival,[1] and stars David A.R. White, Fred Willard, Jennifer Lyons, John Schneider,[2] Staci Keanan, Clint Howard, Gregg Binkley, among others.


Roy Weichbrodt (David A.R. White) leaves his life on a farm and arrives in Hollywood, to be a missionary. Instead he finds fame and fortune playing Satan on a television show. Roy also meets the girl he wants to marry. As Roy pursues her love, his dream quickly vanishes when scheming networks, a overruling producer and an angry co-star turn his life into a total nightmare.


HM Magazine - "think Dumb & Dumber"..."An Amish young man leaves the farm for Hollywood, hoping to spread the Gospel to a culture he’s ill-prepared to face, like thugs, vamps, or playing Satan in a TV show."[3]

Hollywood Jesus - "The movie comes across like a cross between the humor of Napoleon Dynamite and the religious message of Saved! White may be playing someone Amish, but the faith-based portions of the movie are reasonable commentaries on what it means to live a life of faith, and how Christians (un)successfully relate to others through the medium of Hollywood." [4]


  • David A.R. White as Roy / Brian
  • Fred Willard as Richard
  • Jennifer Lyons as Tiffany Towers
  • Logan White as Annie
  • Edie McClure as Martha
  • John Schneider as Satan
  • Clint Howard as Roy Sr.
  • Staci Keanan as Carmen
  • Gregg Binkley as Gregg


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