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Joseph was an important figure in the Old Testament. His story is found in the book of Genesis (Genesis 37 - 50). Joseph was one of twelve sons of Jacob (also called Israel), who was, in turn, the grandson of Abraham. Joseph was the favourite son of Jacob, because he was the firstborn son of Rebecca, the wife he loved most. The story of Joseph explains why the Israelites ended up in Egypt, and therefore is essential background to understanding the story of Moses and the exodus of the Israelites.

Joseph as an example for us

The story of Joseph provides us with an example of godly living

  • Joseph was a man of integrity - When Potiphar's wife attempted to seduce Joseph, he did not submit.
  • Joseph did not credit his abilities to himself - He gave the glory to God.
  • Joseph forgave - He forgave and protected his brothers.
  • Joseph put his trust in God.

Joseph in light of the New Testament

The story of Joseph is about saving forgiveness, and it reminds us of Jesus. Joseph was punished even though he was innocent of the crime he was accused of. Jesus was punished even though he was innocent of all crimes. Joseph saved his family from death despite the wrong they had done to him. Christ, through the cross, saves us from death and eternal separation from God, despite the wrong we all have done him.



  • Somebody Told Me - The Christian parody band ApologetiX encapsulates the life story of Joseph in this song

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