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Prepositions in Koine Greek

A preposition in a word that indicates a relationship between two nouns in a sentence. For example, words such as "on", "in", "at" and "with" are prepositions in English.

In Koine Greek the meaning of a preposition is defined by the case of the noun that it relates to. For example, kata can mean "according to" or "against".

List of Greek Prepositions

The following table lists the various prepositions in Koine Greek.

Preposition Genitive Dative Accusative Notes
Spatial Sense Movement away from something or a position away from something else. No movement, but in a fixed position Movement towards something or a position reached as a result of that movement
Time Sense Event occurred within a specified time. Event occurred at a specified time or while an action was being performed Event may show the amount of time
One Case Prepositions
απο away from
αντι in the place of, instead of
εκ from, out of, as a result of Proclitic (No Accent)
οπισω behind, after
χωρις without, apart from
εν in, with, among Proclitic (No Accent)
συν with, together with
ανα up
εις into, in, to
προς to, towards
υτερ above
Two Case Prepositions
Genitive Accusative Notes
δια through, by means of, during, after on account of, because of
κατα down (from), against, throughout down (to), according to, about, during
μετα with after
περι for, concerning around
υπο by (action by someone) under
Three Case Preposition
Genitive Dative Accusative Notes
επι on, on the basis of, over, before, in the time of on, at, in, on top of, against upon, on, to, for
παρα from beside, from, in the presence of beside, near, in sight of beside, along, at the side of Some list as two-case prep

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