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Petra is one of the founders of Christian Rock music. The name Petra is from the Greek language meaning 'rock'. The band was founded by guitarists and songwriters Bob Hartman and Greg Hough in 1972, while they were studying at the Christian Training Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. At first, they shared singing duties until they added vocalist Greg X. Volz to their lineup around 1977. Over the years, they have gone through many lineup changes. Hartman is the only member to play on all of the albums. However, he did quit touring with the band for awhile during the late 90's. Volz left the band in 1985 to pursue a solo career. In 1986, former Head East vocalist John Schlitt joined the band, bringing on a more hard rock/heavy metal-type sound.


The band's original lineup consisted of

  • Greg Hough - guitar and vocals
  • Bob Hartman - guitar and vocals
  • John DeGroff - bass guitar
  • Bill Glover - drums

As of 2004, the band's lineup consisted of

  • John Schlitt - vocals
  • Bob Hartman - guitar
  • Greg Bailey - bass guitar
  • Paul Simmons - drums


  • 2003 Jekyll and Hyde
  • 2001 Revival
  • 2000 Double Take
  • 1998 God Fixation
  • 1997 Petra Praise 2: We Need Jesus
  • 1995 No Doubt
  • 1993 Wake-up Call
  • 1991 Unseen Power
  • 1990 Beyond Belief
  • 1989 Petra Praise - The Rock Cries Out
  • 1988 On Fire
  • 1987 This Means War!
  • 1986 Back to the Street (First album with John Schlitt)
  • 1986 Captured in Time and Space (Live)
  • 1984 Beat the System
  • 1983 Not of this World
  • 1982 More Power to Ya
  • 1981 Never Say Die
  • 1979 Washes Whiter Than
  • 1977 Come and Join Us
  • 1974 Petra



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