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In chapter 18 one of the three heavenly visitors who visited [[Abraham]] was the [[Lord]] [[Jesus]] Christ. However, it should be noted that Christ did not accompany the two angels who visited Lot in chapter 19. Lot was in the land of Sodom--a picture of the world--and Christ would not have felt "at home" in Sodom.
II [[Peter]] 2:7,8 indicates that Lot was a saved man. He had lost his fellowship with the [[Lord]], but not his sonship; he had lost his communion with the [[Lord]], but not his union. Lot was not walking in the light of [[God]]'s promises, but in the darkness and worldliness of the city of Sodom.
Lot's final days are full of darkness and filth, as he commits incest in a cave. He forsook a tent for a house in the city, and ends up in a cave, made drunk by his own daughters! The children of this horrible scene, the Moabites and Ammonites, have been the enemies of the [[Jews]] for centuries.
Every [[ Christian]] should seek the will of [[God]] in making a home for his family. If he, like Lot, chooses the wrong place, he is likely to ruin the lives of his family and loved ones. Beyond that, we should seek [[God]]'s face and will in every decision in our lives. Living out of [[God]]'s will brings constant trouble and chastisement.
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