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Hi Muser, Thank you for reverting the pages moved by Willy on Wheels. I went ahead and changed the permissions in the wiki so that only users with sysop previleges can move pages. Thank you and God bless! --[[User:|]] 08:07, 19 April 2006 (EDT)::Ditto on the above. Thanks for doing all the reverts, Muser. I was away for a couple of days and missed all the action. :) --[[User:Mustaphile|Mustaphile]] 05:29, 20 April 2006 (EDT) <b><big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big>F*CK<big><font color ==Hello!== Hey, Muser. I'm relatively new here, so I want to get acquainted with all the active editors. By the way, nice work with the overview on C.S. Lewis! -- [[User:P.B. Pilhet|P.B. Pilhet]] red>F*CK YOU</font></big></big></big></big></big></big></ [[User talk:P.B. Pilhet|Talk]] 22:44, 22 October 2006 (EST) : Hi. Thanks for the message. Glad to have you along. Hope you find wikichristian useful and fun... Actually, most of the work on the C.S. Lewis (overview) was a revision of work from wikipedia and theopedia. Both are good sites, but wikipedia is a bit too broad, and theopedia is a bit too narrow. --[[User:Muser|Muser]] 22:49, 22 October 2006 (EST) ::You're welcome! I ''have'' found WikiChristian useful... and fun. I think it's a great cause. I'm a big contributer to Wikipedia, but I've always found it very secular, and ''neutral''. It feels a lot better here, though, knowing I can write articles from a Christian perspective. I seem to remember your name from the Christianity Knowledge Base; I've contributed there, too. ::God bless!><br/big>[[User:P.B. Pilhet|P.B. Pilhet]] </ [[User talk:P.B. Pilhet|Talk]] 23:00, 23 October 2006 (EST)b>

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