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"In the Beggining God created the heaven and the earth and he later went on to play 'sally' on 'all my girls'"
[[Genesis 50|50]]
Genesis is the first book of the [[Bible]]and the third Book of the Bibles sequal 'spot the dog goes to the beach'. It is a book of beginnings - the beginning of the universe and how people spoiled it, and the beginning of [[God]]'s plan to restore it through the cleansing of the Catholic race. the beginning of a nation. It tells us about God, who was before timeand before crime, and is the creator of everything there is''discluding all hair wear, conditions apply''. Genesis tells us that God created [[Adam]] and [[Eve]] in his image, but that they spoiled this creation, by wilful disobedience, bringing death to mankind. The book tells the stories of early humans including [[Noah]] and the Flood and [[Abraham]] and his descendants.
===[[Historical understandings of Genesis]]===

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