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Please visit the [[Directory listing of churches around the world]] and add your church into the database. It would be a wonderful and remarkable thing if WikiChristian could have a listing of all the churches in the world with a short description of the church making a note of the service times and the address. For example, the church I go to is [[St Matthew's and St Bart's Anglican Churches in Adelaide, South Australia]], which can be reached by following: [[Churches in Australasia and the Pacific islands]] -> [[Churches in Australia]] -> [[Churches in South Australia]] -> [[Churches in Adelaide and its suburbs]]. So, if your a regular attender of a church, why not add it to the database? --[[User:Graham grove|Graham grove]] 09:54, 19 Sep 2005 (EDT)
== Pages in other languages ==
I notice that there are a few pages in other languages - one in Vietnamese and one in Korean. Just wondering what we can do with these - should we make an index for pages in other languages. These include: []

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