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Hi CB31989,

My name is [[User:Prab|Prab Tumpati]] and I am a [[sysop]] at wikichristian. I liked your idea of creating a modern Bible suited for the modern day and age created by people around the world of all cultures. I think, we can use one of the existing translations and improve on them and wiki interlinking. For example, all keywords like Jesus, God, Holy Spirit, David etc. could be linked to a [[Free Bible Dictionary]] [[God]], [[Jesus]], [[Holy Spirit]], [[David]].

If you like, we would like to have as one of our [[sysops]]. As a sysop, you edit, lock, unlock any page, ban users who vandalize etc. Welcome omboard and May God Bless You.

- Prab Tumpati, MD

Sysop and founder of WikiChristian.
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