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Travelogue: Wittenberg (G.G.)

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Wittenberg, Germany - We left Munich just in time - the weather was miserable as we hauled our backpacks to the train station through the red-light district. The last couple of days, Graham had had a mild cold, but by the time we reached our destination of Wittenberg it had well and truly spread to Nicole. Luckily we had enough energy to see Wittenberg well - and it was well worth it. It was the base of [[Martin Luther]] and the [[Reformation]] and has a really interesting museum about all the events of the time. Luther, who was a monk, became worried about the practice of people buying their forgiveness through the practice of [[indulgences]], and came to the conclusion that [[salvation]] came through faith in Christ alone, thus spawning the [[Protestant churches]]. In the museum was an indulgence box, an original copy of the 95 theses (reasons) against indulgences, a copy of the papal documents excommunicating Luther and one of the early Bibles translated into German. After the museum, we wandered to the church where Luther reputedly nailed his 95 theses to the door. It was a really interesting day...
[[Image:Wittenburg_church_door_gg.jpg|thumb|450 pixels|The door where Luther nailed his 95 Theses]]
[[Image:Indulgence_box_gg.jpg|thumb|450 pixels|An indulgence]]
[[Image:Luther_statue_gg.jpg|thumb|450 pixels|A statue of Luther]] </gallery>
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