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Welcome to my home on [[Main Page|Wiki Christian]] [[Image:Me1.jpg|thumb|ME!]]
==[[C._Bryant:Projects|My Projects on wiki]]==
===Bible Translation Projects===
''These translations are in the public domain and are part of an effort to present a relative gospel to every nation without changing the truth or original meaning of the bible texts as relating to it's target audience.''
*[[Translation_Projects:Urban_Slang_Version_%282005_edition%29|Urban Slang Version (2005)]]
===Bible Concordance Projects===
*[[Concordance:King James Version:Index|King James Version (KJV)]]
*[[Concordance:World Engish Bible:Index|World English Bible (WEB)]]
*[[Concordance:Urban Slang Version - 2005:Index|Urban Slang Version - 2005 (USV2005)]]
===Other Reference Projects===
*[[Sermon Library:Index|Sermon Library]]
''See also [[Baalperazim Ministries]]''
==More of me==
Hi CB31989,
- [[User:Cb31989|Christopher Bryant, Hon. D.Div.]]
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