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[[Text:EBD:Brother (EBD)|Brother]] (i.e., "friend") of [[Text:EBD:Jehovah (EBD)|Jehovah]]. (1.) One of the sons of [[Text:EBD:Bela (EBD)|Bela]] (1 Chr. 8:7, R.V.). In A.V. called "Ahiah."
(2.) One of the five sons of [[Text:EBD:Jerahmeel (EBD)|Jerahmeel]], who was great-grandson of [[Text:EBD:Judah (EBD)|Judah]] (1 Chr. 2:25).
(3.) Son of [[Text:EBD:Ahitub (EBD)|Ahitub]] (1 Sam. 14:3, 18), [[Text:EBD:Ichabod (EBD)|Ichabod's]] brother; the same probably as [[Text:EBD:Ahimelech (EBD)|Ahimelech]], who was [[Text:EBD:High priest (EBD)|high priest]] at [[Text:EBD:Nob (EBD)|Nob]] in the reign of [[Text:EBD:Saul (EBD)|Saul]] (1 Sam. 22:11). Some, however, suppose that Ahimelech was the brother of Ahijah, and that they both officiated as high priests, Ahijah at [[Text:EBD:Gibeah (EBD)|Gibeah]] or [[Text:EBD:Kirjath-jearim (EBD)|Kirjath-jearim]], and Ahimelech at Nob.
(4.) A Pelonite, one of [[Text:EBD:David (EBD)|David's]] heroes (1 Chr. 11:36); called also [[Text:EBD:Eliam (EBD)|Eliam]] (2 Sam. 23:34).
(5.) A [[Text:EBD:Levite (EBD)|Levite]] having charge of the sacred [[Text:EBD:Treasury (EBD)|treasury]] in the [[Text:EBD:Temple (EBD)|temple]] (1 Chr. 26:20).
(6.) One of [[Text:EBD:Solomon (EBD)|Solomon's]] secretaries (1 Kings 4:3).
(7.) A [[Text:EBD:Prophet (EBD)|prophet]] of [[Text:EBD:Shiloh (EBD)|Shiloh]] (1 Kings 11:29; 14:2), called the "Shilonite," in the days of [[Text:EBD:Rehoboam (EBD)|Rehoboam]]. We have on record two of his remarkable [[Text:EBD:Prophecy (EBD)|prophecies]], 1 Kings 11:31-39, announcing the rending of the ten [[Text:EBD:Tribe (EBD)|tribes]] from Solomon; and 1 Kings 14:6-16, delivered to [[Text:EBD:Jeroboam (EBD)|Jeroboam's]] [[Text:EBD:Wife (EBD)|wife]], foretelling the [[Text:EBD:Death (EBD)|death]] of [[Text:EBD:Abijah (EBD)|Abijah]] the [[Text:EBD:King (EBD)|king's]] son, the destruction of Jeroboam's [[Text:EBD:House (EBD)|house]], and the [[Text:EBD:Captivity (EBD)|captivity]] of [[Text:EBD:Israel (EBD)|Israel]] "beyond the [[Text:EBD:River (EBD)|river]]." Jeroboam bears [[Text:EBD:Testimony (EBD)|testimony]] to the high esteem in which he was held as a prophet of [[Text:EBD:God (EBD)|God]] (1 Kings 14:2,3).
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