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Joe Anderson

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{{Infobox_Contents |topic_name = Joe Anderson |subtopics = Songs: [[You Are God (song)|You Are God]], [[Jehovah Jirah (song)|Jehovah Jirah]] |opinion_pieces = {{short_opinions}} |}}  Joe Anderson is a Christian song-writer and Gospel Music artist. He is the author of several lesser know songs such as: [[Jehovah Jirah (song)|Jehovah Jirah]], [[Trust In The Lord]], and [[You Are God (song)|You Are God]]. Anderson became a Christian in 1996 through the Promiskeepers Movement and is a member of the Gospel Music Association. Anderson is the founder of "Joe Anderson Music Ministries", "[[JAMM]]" and "Anderson Music Group Inc. of Indiana", an Independent Music publishing company. {{stub}} ==Quotes== ==Links==* [ Joe Anderson Music Ministries at] {{returnto}} [[Christianity]] -> [[Famous Christians]] -> [[Song writers]] [[Category:Christian songwriters]]LOL INTERNET

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