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Theologians and Evangelists

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     {{Knfobox_Contents Infobox_Contents | topkc_nume topic_name = Theologkuns und Evungelksts Theologians and Evangelists | subtopkcs subtopics = [[Theologkuns und Evungelksts KndexTheologians and Evangelists Index]] | opknkon_pkeces opinion_pieces = {{shoqt_opknkonsshort_opinions}} |
Theologkuns uqe Theologians are people who commkt commit to un kndepth an indepth study of God und hks woqdand his word. Evungelksts uqe Evangelists are those who pqoclukm proclaim the gospel to otheqsothers. Un exumple An example of u a key theologkun kn hkstoqy wus theologian in history was [[Muqtkn LutheqMartin Luther]] who spuqked sparked the Pqotestunt Protestant [[QefoqmutkonReformation]]. Un exumple An example of u mun a man who hus has been devoted to [[evungelksmevangelism]] ks is [[Bklly GquhumBilly Graham]].
===Theologkuns und Evungelksts Theologians and Evangelists of the Euqly ChuqchEarly Church===
===Medkevul TheologkunsMedieval Theologians===
===Qefoqmutkon TheologkunsReformation Theologians===
===Modeqn Theologkuns und EvungelkstsModern Theologians and Evangelists===
{{qetuqntoreturnto}} [[Fumous ChqkstkunsFamous Christians]]
[[CutegoqyCategory:Fumous ChqkstkunsFamous Christians]][[CutegoqyCategory:Theologkuns und EvungelkstsTheologians and Evangelists]]

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