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24 July 2008

  1. Installed the extension CharInsert and updated LocalSettings.php
  2. After some trouble (I had to rename all pages that already started with WikiChristian:... to I changed $wgSitename to "WikiChristian". This means that all Project: pages now resemble the logo (in caps) and the site is inline with standard wiki-practice.
  3. Installed the extension EmbedVideo and updated LocalSettings.php. Now I have to make a master template to replace all the little video templates. Then I can remove the two video extensions we are currently using.

25 July 2008

  1. Grouped all my edits into bottom section and added comments/dividers to annotate/demarcate what I've done.
  2. Added the ability to upload SVG image files to $wgFileExtensions
  3. Add Greek, Hebrew, Latin, KJV and WEB namespaces
  4. Add subpage functionality to most namespaces

12 August 2008

  1. Ran the following in the maintenance directory: php -d error_reporting=E_ERROR dumpBackup.php --current --quiet --output=gzip:2008-08-11.xml.gz || exit, ftp'd resulting 16MB, gzipped file to myself and will back it up on CD-ROM.

3 October 2008

  1. Added custom namespaces Text and Text_talk.