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A friend and I were canoeing on the Goobraganda River in southern New South Wales. This was an area new to us, but the guide books suggested that the grading should be within our skills. On one of the main rapids that my friend decided not to paddle but I wanted to have a go at, I capsised into the cold water.

This river receives it water from snow melt in the Snowy Mountains, so the temperature was very cold. During the capsize, I had lost control of my paddle and it drifted off downstream. It was all that I could do to drag myself and my kayak to the side of the river before collapsing on the bank to recover. Once I recovered a bit we had a quick look for the paddle but had no success. The problem was that the car was several kilometres downriver and without a paddle we would have to leave the boats and walk to the car and then return to collect the boats.

We walked along a path that led further downstream. When the path rejoined the river, we separated with my friend Wayne heading downstream and me heading upstream. As I approached a small bend in the river I prayed specifically to God, "Lord, I remember what you did with the jammed canoe on the Barrington, this missing paddle is just as easy for you. Please provide now as you did then."

I had no sooner spoken these words (only seconds) when as I looked around the corner, there was my paddle right beside the bank where I could easily bend down and pick it up without having to get into the cold river again.

With the paddle regained, we were able to paddle down to our car without any further problems. Praise God. I know that I serve a prayer answering God, who listens and responds to the needs of His dearly loved children. When I look back on answered prayers, I am always encouraged as to the faithfulness of God.

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