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Wretched Radio is a Christian talk show which is broadcast through local FM, satellite, and internet radio. The show is hosted by Todd Friel and is based on the award winning (NRB) reality based show Way of the Master (now Wretched TV), hosted by former child actor Kirk Cameron and Evangelist Ray Comfort.

Wretched Radio is heard on over 150 radio stations in the United States and has recently begun broadcasting in Australia.[1]

Guest on WOTMR

The Way of the Master Radio show (now Wretched Radio) has featured popular authors, speakers, and pastors from all over the world. Among some of the more familiar names in Evangelicalism who have been guests on the show are men like John MacArhtur, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever, Ken Ham, Os Guiness, Peter Hammond and many others.

Primary Themes

The primary theme which the show seeks to center around is evangelism and equipping other Christians to do evangelism. Many times on the show they will do what is called "streetfishing" in which a man on the street (a "street fisher") will randomly approach strangers and ask them if they would like to talk about spiritual issues on the radio. In these sessions, either Todd Friel himself, or one of the other co-hosts (Kirk or Ray) will share the gospel message with the person on the phone. This approach has received much praise and a bit of criticism by listeners.

Other topics, such as theology and Christian life are discussed on the show.


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