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Athanasius of Alexandria (Greek: Αθανάσιος) (293 – 373) was a bishop of Alexandria, in the fourth century. He was an instrumental figure in the fight against Arianism

Time-line of his life

293 - Born

318 - Wrote Against the Gentiles - On the Incarnation - affirms Jesus as both God and human

319 - A deacon by this stage

325 - Accompanied Alexander (bishop of Alexandria) to Council of Nicea

328 - Became bishop of Alexandria

335/336 - Exiled to Tyre and excommunicated by Constantine

337 - Returned to Alexdria (upon death of Constantine)

339 - Deposed to Rome

346 - Constantine II / Constans (heirs of Constantine) reinstated Athanasius

356 - Constantius (brother of Constantine II who because sole Emperor in 350 after brother died ) under the influence Arians, deposed Athanasius; whilst exiled Athanasius wrote much against Arianism

357 - Arian creed of Sirmium; "whole world groaned and was astonished to find itself Arian" (Jerome)

361 - Julian the Apostate became Emporer (who was not a Christian) and reinstated Athaniasus

361 - Julian the Apostate changed his mind and ordered Athanasius' execution (after pagan priests complained); Athanasius fled

363 - Julian the Apostate died (succeeded by Jovian) and Athanasius returned

365 - Valens comes to power and exiles Athanasius

365 - Valens allows Athanasius to return

373 - Died

381 - Council of Constantinope occurs where Nicene formula reaffirmed


Against the Gentiles - On the Incarnation

Three Discourses Against the Arians

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