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"I knew that the Lord wanted a full time station in Ottawa, not just two hours on Sunday morning.".- Bob Du Broy

Bob Du Broy
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Bob Du Broy is a Canadian Christian involved in radio and visual arts ministry in Canada.

Bob is co-founder of Christian Hit Radio Inc., which is the operator of radio station CHRI 99.1 FM in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Bob Du Broy's mission is to evangelize through Christian radio and photography and encourage Church unity through dialogue.

Media Service

Bob Du Broy assists several Christian broadcasters with regulatory issues--particularly applications--and other technical and leadership challenges. His immediate project is to establish Word FM, a teaching and hymns station proposed for Ottawa.

In 1997, he helped found radio station CHRI 99.1 FM. His team helped change the CRTC's Religious Broadcasting Policy in 1993 through their public testimony in October 1992 to make such stations legal after a 60-year ban in Canada. Keith Spicer, then chair of the CRTC, attributes the change of his tie-breaking vote to favouring allowing Christian stations to the testimony of 16-year old Daena Dixon, daughter of Bob's ministry partner Rob Dixon. Bob hosted the Christian music show "Song for You" at Carleton University radio station CKCU-FM from 1987 to 1997. He worked as a manager at CBC head office from 1987 to 1996. He has been a Juno Awards judge three times.

Bob is available to assist prospective Canadian Christian broadcasters with start-up issues and regulatory matters. He has a particular call on his life to encourage Catholics and Evangelicals to work together in Christian media.

In 2008, Bob worked to write a proposal and application to start a second Christian radio station in Ottawa. The new station called WordFM aimed to focus on teaching and hymns programming to meet the needs of mature Christians in the Ottawa area. The CRTC denied the proposals for this radio format in 2005 and 2008. Bob is now examining the AM band option.

Bob Du Broy was general editor of the Christian Media Roundtable's document Best Practices for Christian Radio.

On CHRI-FM Bob hosted a Sunday mid-day Contemporary Christian Music radio show from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. until 31 December 2006.

From 1987 to 1996, Bob Du Broy served in management roles at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) head office in Ottawa.

Bob Du Broy has performed in more than 30 films and television programs in English and French from 1982 to present in scenes with Lou Diamond Phillips, Haylie Duff, Alexandra Paul, Debbie Travis, Kelly McGillis, Tom Green, Perry King, Paul Gross, Leslie Hope, Colm Feore, Christopher Plummer and John Hillerman.

Bob is also a professional photographer. His Christian concert photos have appeared in the Christian Herald and on several websites. Other photos by Bob have been published in the Catholic Register.

Bob has an MBA from Queen's University (1979) and a B.Sc. from McGill University (1977).


Bob Du Broy can be contacted via:

Christian Testimony

Bob Du Broy became a Christian in 1981.

"I grew up in a church-going family, but my father didn't really believe in anything he couldn't touch (although I believe he turned to Jesus before he passed away). My mother had a simple faith that was kept from maturing in the home environment. I believe the Lord put a spark of faith in me in early life, nurtured by Catholic school and the sacraments. I frequently went to church alone on weekdays while in elementary school. When I was 16, I asked for a Bible for Christmas. This puzzled my parents, but they did give me one.

In parallel developed my love for radio, which became a love for Christian radio. My father was a musician and had a 1/4 inch tape deck. When I was about six years old, I would go into the basement early Saturday mornings and try to record on it. My first attempts only created feedback! Still, it was a start. Not much later, I was recording the audio from TV shows, producing my own "shows" with my young brother, and splicing tape. At the cottage, I would listen with unwavering attention to CBC radio dramas, the BBC's The Goon Show, whole humour albums played on CFRA late at night, and distant radio signals skipped in on AM, FM and SW. In my late teens, I bought music albums voraciously until I discovered that they were ephemeral and there would always be "the next new thing".

Around that time, interest in women seemed to displace my interest in God, but He wasn't done with me yet. I do not advocate missionary dating, but my faith development was God's design. He put several Christian women in my life who challenged my knowledge of God and the seriousness of my Christian commitment. My last such girlfriend became my wife. The day after we met at a friend's wedding, she gave me a teaching tape from Fr. Bob Bedard and a book on the Holy Spirit. Half a year later, we married in the church in which we met. Very soon thereafter, we started attending prayer meetings in Ottawa and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

One member of the prayer group introduced me to contemporary Christian music. Now my music buying would have direction and purpose. I started listening to a Christian music radio program and then joined the program's team. After my second show, I knew that the Lord wanted a full time station, not just two hours on Sunday morning."

Media Career Tips

Bob Du Broy recommends that you pray and persist.

How to Help Bob Du Broy

You can help Bob Du Broy. Tell Bob about syndicated Christian teaching shows in Canada. Please let Bob know of funding sources for a teaching and hymns station.

Worth Quoting from Bob Du Broy

Bob Du Broy made the following significant quotations:

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