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Byron Spradlin
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Byron Spradlin is a American Christian involved in acting, dance, film, music, new media, news, publishing, radio, television, theatre, visual arts and writing ministry in Canada.

Byron Spradlin is President of Artists In Christian Testimony International an evangelical, interdenominational Christian ministry that mobilizes, sends out, equips, and supports artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.

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Byron Spradlin started Artists In Christian Testimony International in September 1973. But since his clear commitment to Christ in 1968 while in Asia with the Continental Singers, he'd been doing ministry through music, creative worship and evangelism.

In 1970 he even became one of the first solo recording artists on Light Records (Edge of Drifting released in January of 1971) when what we now know as contemporary Christian music was just beginning. During that same 1970, Byron wrote down the assignment from God that’s guided his ministry efforts ever since then: to disciple and mentor people out of music and the arts, working them into the fabric of Church, Missions & Marketplace ministry around the world.


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