Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church (Colombo, Sri Lanka)

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Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church

The Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church (CGBC), a major Baptist Church in Sri Lanka, is a Bible-based Christian church which serves a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural congregation. The CGBC belongs to the national organization of Baptist churches known as the Sri Lanka Baptist Sangamaya (SLBS) and, through it, is affiliated to the international community of Baptist churches. The congregation of CGBC consists of people of all communities and classes drawn from all parts of Colombo and its suburbs. Those who worship at this church also include Christians of other denominations, interested non-Christians and visitors from all parts of the world.

Contact details

Cinnamon Gardens Baptist Church is located at: 120 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka,

It's phone number is (9411)472-2057

It's email is [email protected]


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