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Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures stars Larryboy and his butler Archie (originally named Alfred). It’s another spinoff from VeggieTales made by Big Idea Productions. This show revolves around Larryboy and his nemesises.


  • Larryboy/Larry the Cucumber: Larryboy is the superhero of Bumblyburg and Larry is his alter ego who works as a janitor at the Daily Bumble. Voiced by Mike Nawrocki.
  • Archie: Larryboy's faithful butler. Voiced by Phil Vischer.
  • Bok Choy: The wise teacher of the superhero class that Larryboy goes to. Unkown voice.
  • Bob the Tomato: Editor of the Daily Bumble newspaper. Voiced by Phil Vischer.
  • Vicki Cucumber: A reporter for the Daily Bumble and Larry's girlfriend. Unknown voice.
  • Junior Asparagus: An elementary aged reporter for the Daily Bumble. Voiced by Lisa Vischer.
  • Lemon Twist: A superhero from Larryboy's superhero class. Unknown voice.
  • Dark Crow: A superhero from Larryboy's superhero class. Unknown voice.
  • Electromelon: A superhero from Larryboy's superhero class. Unknown voice.
  • Scarlet Tomato: A superhero from Larryboy's superhero class. Unknown voice.
  • Awful Alvin: A villain. Unknown voice.
  • The Alchemist: A villain. Unknown voice.
  • Greta Von Gruesome: A villain. Unknown voice.
  • Lampy: Awful Alvin's fake sidekick. Unvoiced.
  • Officer Olaf: Bumblyburg's resident policeman. Unknown voice.
  • Cheif Croswell: Officer Olaf's sidekick. Unknown voice.
  • Hebert and Wally: Unknown voice.


  • Episode 1: The Angry Eyebrows

Awful Alvin has some new eyebrows. But these aren't just any eyebrows, these are angry eyebrows! When someone holds onto their anger, the eyebrows attch to their forehead! Will Larryboy defeat Awful Alvin? Will he perform his Villainous Dance of Vaillainy? And when will he figure out his sidekick Lampy is just a lamp with a face drawn on it? Find out buy buying the video!

  • Episode 2: Leggo My Ego

The Alchemist is back! This time, though, he's not alone! His mother is the brains behind his evil operation! When the Alchemist blows flower dust on Larryboy, people begin to mysteriously shrink. But the flower was no ordinary flower. It blew special dust! When Larryboy builds himself up to put others down, the dust comes out of his supersuit and makes the person shrink! How Larryboy stop them? Can he learn to build others up? Or will his alter ego get the better of him?

  • Episode 3: The Yodelnapper

Larryboy is excited! The new Hula Heidi toys are coming out today! Archie doen't know why Larryboy needs another Hula Friend because he owns all the ither ones. Larry insists that he has to have it. Bu7t when the Crazy Clay becomes alive and Larry turns into Larryboy, he finds out someone has already bought every single Hula Heidi in the store! Larry is devastated! He goes to the Larry Manor ands jumps in the mud. Until Archie tells him Larry's favorite yodeler, Eingel Warbulthroat, is beforming tonight! But the performance goes horribly wrong when Great Von Gruesome yodelnaps Eingel! She needs to have every single yodeler in the world! How will Larryboy stop her? Find out!

  • Episode 4: The Good, the Bad, and the Eggly

Awful Alvin and Greata Von Gruesome have teamed up to steal the Bumblyburg Science Lab's Over-Easy Egg Ray! Now they can turn every that's not alive (like wooden cows) into over-easy eggs! How will larryboy stop them? Can he learn to work together with Dark Crow, a superhero from Bumblyburg's neighboring town? And will he get the guts to ask Vicki Cucumber to the Founder's Day Dance?

Super Cartoons

  • Episode 1: Fly By Might!
  • Episode 2: All Trades of Cuke Trales
  • Episode 3: A Polar Pickle?
  • Episode 4: Merry-Go-Wreck!

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