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Laurie Marks Vincent
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Laurie Marks Vincent is a Canadian Christian involved in music, new media and radio ministry in Canada.

Media Service

Laurie Marks Vincent has developed a number of projects to help Canadian Christian artists and bands. Long before she became the Resources Manager and Owner of Ministry Networks, she's an award winning vocalist and Christian music artist. Known for having the most exclusive and extensive list of Christian radio stations AND Christian programs on secular radio in Canada, Ministry Networks has made many changes over the years since it's inception in 2001. This exclusive and extensive list was researched and developed by Laurie herself, surveying almost every secular and Christian radio station across Canada. It started as a hands on Christian promotions service ranging from Radio Servicing in Digital form and direct mailing, Tracking, press releases and so much more for Independent Christian artists which included serving some high profile Canadian and American Artists in the past. Launching in 2009, the company is developing a self help fully automated promotions resource. Artists will be able to creat their own accounts and have exclusive membership to the very same extensive radio database and instant press release services from their own account at the click of a mouse, and so much more.

  • Traveler's Guide to Christian Radio provides inexpensive advertising that lasts all year long. The Traveler's Guide to Christian Radio is a large postcard printed with Christian radio listings on it. It's not just any listing though. The Travel Guide to Christian Radio is an "enhanced" directory, with ad features that show the nearest roads, hi-ways or bi-ways in your broadcast signal.
  • Ministry Networks provides radio promotions and digital distribution of Christian music to radio all over the world.


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Traveler's Guide to Christian Radio <>.

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