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A picture of a service in the megachurch Hillsong in Sydney.


A megachurch is a term that refers to a single church (not a denomination) that has a large number of members, typically thousands, attend each weekly service.

The largest megachurches in the world are found in South Korea. Many megachurches are Pentecostal churches, and most megachurches use marketing techniques from business to help with growth. For example, in the city of Adelaide in South Australia, a number of megachurches, all Penteocostal, are found, such as Paradise Community Church and Edge Church. Both of these churches have thousands of members attending weekly. Like most megachurches, these two examples rely on Christian rock music and aim to advertise the church and the gospel.

A number of criticism are sometimes leveled at megachurches. These include allegations that the church leadership is more interested in numbers and appearance than in faithfulness to Jesus. This criticism echoes that of Jesus in Matthew 6:1

"Be careful that you don't do your charitable giving before men, to be seen by them, or else you have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

Supporters however suggest that this criticism only applies to some churches, and that the same criticism could be made to many much smaller churches. Some supporters suggest that the massive growth of megachurches show that these churches are presenting the gospel in a contemporary fashion and that God is working in the massive numerical growth, as he did in the early church, such as Acts 2:41

Then those who gladly received his word were baptized. There were added that day about three thousand souls.


Forbes article "Megachurches, Megabusinesses" by Luisa Kroll

Welcome to the megabusiness of megachurches, where pastors often act as chief executives and use business tactics to grow their congregations.


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