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So how expansive should the denominations list be? Should it: 1)consist only of Christian groups, 2) Christian groups + related controversial groups such as the Christadelphians and LDS, or 3) Use "denominations" as a broad term for religions? I'd favor number 2 - listing Christian denoms and related controversial groups, since there are entries for those here on WikiChristian. Lamorak

So far we have had in the Denominations section, only the mainstream Christian groups. These are groups who
* Consider themselves only one of many in the group of Christian denominations
* Would agree with the Bible and the early church fathers (the Nicene creed) as containing core Christian doctrine
Hence the more controversial groups, such as Christadelphians, have been listed under Off-shoots of Christianity (and Off-shoots of Christianity Index). These are listed here because of one of the following:
* They tend to consider themselves the true form of Christianity and consider the other denominations false and non-Christian
* They either deny part that the Bible holds core Christian doctrine or deny teachings of the early church fathers (the Nicene creed)
--Graham grove 21:58, 29 June 2007 (EST)