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Terry Robert Fleming
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Terry Robert Fleming is a Canadian Christian involved in radio ministry in Canada.

Terry Robert Fleming was the founder & visionary of Canadian Christian radio station Spirit 97 FM - CJTS 97.1 FM broadcasting in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Dec 19 2000 to Sept 1st 2006.

Media Service

Terry Robert Fleming was the founder & visionary of Canadian Christian radio station Spirit 97 FM - CJTS 97.1 FM broadcasting in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Dec 19 2000 to Sept 1st 2006. Terry sold the station to a huge chain, Golden West Broadcasting 29 stations (Elmer Hildebrand - President) My vision then was expanding power & now it's 20,000 watts and the new legal name is CKVN 98.1. I had hoped they would keep the old hook name (Spirit FM) but it didn't happen. You can see most of our old staff and listen to old airchecks on Terry's NEW web site called http://www.spiritfmhistory.ca spiritfmhistory.ca check it out click the link here or cut & paste - (oh the memories)!!!

Terry is (now) at this point, a 47 year veteran broadcaster as of 2009 and is now retired and was a minor shareholder at CJCD Yellowknife, has owned Spirit FM and an Oldies Internet station (as a hobby) which had more listeners than some small town radio stations did. Terry as of May 31 2009 is ending Lovefm.ca and fully retiring never more to be heard on radio or TV. His long loyal devoted span in broadcasting radio & TV is over and he thanks the thousands that have listened to him over the many years.

Terry also attempted to obtain a broadcasting licence for a Christian music FM radio station for Campbell River, British Columbia in 2003. Broadcasting Decision CRTC 2004-61

Terry is now working with his good friend Pastor Terry Somerville from Total Change Ministries at http://www.totalchange.org Pastor Terry was once an TV Evanglesist on cable here and also the Miracle Channel with his TV program, and is now making an application for a LPFM Christian station in Campbell River British Columbia which Terry Fleming is in charge of getting it going (his final act). Right now it is on the Internet and can be listened to 24-7 direct here. http://spiritfm.streamon.fm/player/index.php?username=Spiritfm&stream=32k

The current Internet station has many corrections to be made because right now until they are, you will hear old jingles, DJ promos, old commercials, old contestsfrom Lethbridge times, but soon they will be eliminated, it can't be done overnight. Of course Terry's programming which many today still love and don't get anymore, will be the centre of this station once again. Will Terry (ever so slightly) be involved except for the initial opening, NO, unless Pastor Terry Somerville needs me, I won't be on the air, no selling, a big goose egg to all. But if Terry as I said if GOD or Terry needs me and I am called the answe is a big fat no. I am honoured Terry says that Rev. Somerville is using SPIRIT FM will once again and he is attempting to get Spirit FM on the air waves.

The original engineer for 97 Spirit FM, well known in Canada for doing LPFM's Roger de Brabant will be in charge of the application and is being done as we speak. Roger has been in charge and has seen 96% of his applications excepted by the CRTC because they can trust his expertise and judgements. We will pray this will be another sucessful story in the months to come. Pastor Terry Somerville chose Roger through Terry Robert Fleming's solid advice as well as much more and the reason? He has done it all.

After retiring and doing correspondence courses (and still is doing some) Terry was ordained as a Pastor back on May 22nd 2007 and is using his voice still at his new ministry he started doing sermonettes Faithbuilder Int. called http://www.faithbuilder.ws

Radio Experience

Just some of his radio experience includes

  • CKRI (also known as Radio Free Vancouver) pirate station ran for years in North Van. (1964-1966)
  • CFUN Vancouver in 1966; weekends/late night/production (My first legal station)
  • CKLG-FM Vancouver late 1960s; Fillins
  • CKLN Nelson 1969; Afternoon PM Drive
  • CKCQ Quesnel/CKWL Williams Lake 1970; afternoons/evenings
  • CFCP Courtenay/CFWB Campbell River 1972-74;
  • CKEK Cranbrook 1974; AFternoon Drive - evenings
  • CJJC Langley 1975; PM Drive & Evenings
  • CHNL Kamloops 1976-77; afternoon drive
  • CFRN Edmonton 1977-80; Evenings 6-9PM
  • CJCD Yellowknife 1980; Shareholder/morning AM Drive & Program Director
  • CKST St. Albert AB 1981-81; Assist PD & morning AM Drive
  • CHEC Lethbridge 1981-84; Mid mornings and PD
  • CFCN-TV Calgary 1984; Freelance Announcer
  • CHWK Chilliwack 1984; Morning Drive
  • CKRX Vancouver; Vancouver's Rocker (Evenings)
  • CKST Langley/Vancouver; P.M. drive (and Morning AM relief) call letters moved to Van. B.C.
  • CKEK Cranbrook 1993; Morning Drive
  • CFRN-TV Edmonton 1997; (Freelance Announcer)
  • CFCP/CFWB 1998-99; Morning AM Drive
  • CJTS FM Lethbridge December 2000 - Sept 1st 2006; President/Founder/morning drive
  • Love FM Internet Oldies radio March 2006 to May 31 2009 Owner/only DJ

You can listen to a radio check of Terry's voice here.

In 2006, Terry Robert Fleming launched LoveFM.ca Internet radio station. The format is oldies pop music. The 80's 70's 60's and 50's. He also went back to his roots and nickname "The Legendary Terry Robert Fleming and is having the best time on-air of his life on Lovefm.ca.


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Terry Robert Fleming became a Christian in 1990 - 1991 year.

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