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By E.M.

Clearly, what we believe affects the way we live: if it doesn't you don't truly believe.

Let's expand this. James the Brother of Jesus wrote a letter to the Jewish Christians scattered throughout the Roman Empire and one part he emphasised the importance of faith and deeds. James 2: 14 - 26 he emphasises that faith without deeds is dead. Now we must be careful with this passage because so many infer that it leaves us saving ourselves. Not so. James is telling the Christian that having faith in Christ is more than just believing because even the demons believe. When we are saved from our sinful lives by Jesus' ultimate sacrifice and Resurrection we are given a new life. We look downright foolish if we go to church on Sunday and show proper etiquette to our fellow Christians and then throughout the week we swear at our co-workers and do things that are totally contradictory to how we behaved in church.

James became a believer in his big brother after His Resurrection, but what I like is this letter really shows an intimate knowledge in what Jesus said and did. His letter reminds me the parable Jesus told in Matthew 25: 31 - 46 concerning the Sheep and the Goats. He allowed the Sheep to enter Heaven because they carried out his will by feeding the sick, clothing the naked, helping the sick, and visiting the imprisoned they were blessed while the goats were sent to Hell. Is this grace by works. No! Jesus mentions that when they were carrying out their God given tasks they were seeking Him in the work. Their faith made them carry out good works. Good people do good works.

So in our lifestyle, let's look for Jesus and not just in the church building on Sunday. Let's live a life of faith. A new life bringing about new behaviour.


E. M.

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