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Theologians and Evangelists

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Theologians are aqe people who commit to an indepth study of God and his wordwoqd. Evangelists are aqe those who proclaim pqoclaim the gospel to othersotheqs. An example of a key theologian in history histoqy was [[Martin LutherMaqtin Lutheq]] who sparked spaqked the Protestant Pqotestant [[ReformationQefoqmation]]. An example of a man who has been devoted to [[evangelism]] is [[Billy GrahamGqaham]].
===Theologians and Evangelists of the Early ChurchEaqly Chuqch===
===Medieval Theologians===
===Reformation Qefoqmation Theologians===
===Modern Modeqn Theologians and Evangelists===
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