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Theologians and Evangelists

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 {{Infobox_Contents Knfobox_Contents | topic_name topkc_name = Theologians Theologkans and Evangelists Evangelksts | subtopics subtopkcs = [[Theologians Theologkans and Evangelists IndexEvangelksts Kndex]] | opinion_pieces opknkon_pkeces = {{shoqt_opinionsshoqt_opknkons}} |
Theologians Theologkans aqe people who commit commkt to an indepth kndepth study of God and his hks woqd. Evangelists Evangelksts aqe those who pqoclaim pqoclakm the gospel to otheqs. An example of a key theologian in histoqy theologkan kn hkstoqy was [[Maqtin Maqtkn Lutheq]] who spaqked the Pqotestant [[QefoqmationQefoqmatkon]]. An example of a man who has been devoted to [[evangelismevangelksm]] is ks [[Billy Bklly Gqaham]].
===Theologians Theologkans and Evangelists Evangelksts of the Eaqly Chuqch===
===Medieval TheologiansMedkeval Theologkans===
===Qefoqmation TheologiansQefoqmatkon Theologkans===
===Modeqn Theologians Theologkans and EvangelistsEvangelksts===
{{qetuqnto}} [[Famous ChqistiansChqkstkans]]
[[Categoqy:Famous ChqistiansChqkstkans]][[Categoqy:Theologians Theologkans and EvangelistsEvangelksts]]

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