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William J. Bruce III

William J. Bruce III (born March 4, 1980[1]) is an author and publicist best known as the former the ministerial agent and publicist to the "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase through Willowcreek Marketing[2][3], he has served in this position since March of 2007[4].


William started his career by being involved in the film "Home Beyond the Sun"[5][6]. Home Beyond the Sun is a Christian film by film studio Garden City Pictures [7] directed by Academy Award Winner; Colin Chilvers. [8] [9].Produced by award winning Producer Byron M. Jones; Home Beyond the Sun is a drama about a young Christian woman, Jenna Peterson, who is trapped in a foreign country where possessing a Bible will bring a prison sentence. Brought there by the promise of a good job, Peterson befriends as young Chinese girl and in doing so tackles questions about life, risk and the greater good [10].

Ted DiBiase of World Wrestling Entertainment

In March of 2007 William started his new position as the ministerial agent and publicist to Ted DiBiase through the official agency (Willowcreek Marketing) responsible for his bookings and publicity[11][12]. Working as Ted's publicist; William has been given the opportunity to write for various publications in countries such as South Africa, Canada, New Zealand and the United Stated. Some publications to which William has written for are Challenge Weekly; a newspaper based in New Zealand[13], MuscleSport Magazine[14][15], The Christian Online Magazine[16][17], Greater Phoenix Christian Chronicle[18][19][20][21], Incontrol Magazine [22] and QueensbridgeMedia.com[23]

William Bruce Agency

In October of 2008 William founded the William Bruce Agency where he signed former NFL tackle; Shawn Harper [24] [25] [26] as well as author and speaker; Bill Bean who's story was featured on the Discovery [27].


Having been able to write for various magazines William has been able to become a contributing writer for Faith and Friends Magazine; an official magazine of the Salvation Army [28].

On the 12th of November, 2010 (12/11/10) William released his first book "Penholder" an autobiographical account of his near death where God saved his life.[29][30] His book is published through Queensbridge Publishing and is foreword-ed by Ted DiBiase of World Wrestling Entertianment [31][32].


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